MAY 20   |   10-11:30am PST; 1-2:30pm EST

Remoticon is a digital event to help teams thrive no matter where they’re working



It’s true: there’s no substitute for face to face. But being remote doesn’t mean we can’t be together. Join us for Remoticon, a digital event from Guru. Hear from seasoned pros at Guru, Shopify, Zapier, and Noom as they discuss how to build a knowledge-centered culture, and how to best empower remote employees, to help teams thrive no matter where they’re working. Plus, connect with other thought leaders in your field.

The best part about Remoticon? It’s totally free, and it’s happening wherever you are--probably your couch. No airfare, no pricey hotel room, no pants. (Okay, maybe wear pants. Pajama pants are totally acceptable Remoticon attire.) Let’s get together!

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Rick Nucci
Co-founder & CEO
Dana Tessier
Director of Knowledge Management
Nancy Sidnam
Director of Coach Experience
Pam Dodrill
VP Customer Support & Success

Building a Knowledge-Driven Culture

Join Rick Nucci, Co-founder & CEO of Guru, as he shares insights and take-aways from a new research study about the business impact of a knowledge-driven culture. You'll also hear from Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management at Shopify, as she discusses how Shopify has built a knowledge-driven culture among its distributed team, the pitfalls her team learned to avoid, and the practices that have helped fuel their exponential growth around the world.

Rick Nucci, Cofounder & CEO at Guru  |  Dana Tessier, Director of Knowledge Management at Shopify

Staying Afloat Going Remote: How to Survive and Thrive in Your New Reality

With or without a public health crisis, the growth of remote work is accelerating — as are the challenges that it brings. As teams around the world begin to adjust to their new realities of a distributed workforce, they are discovering firsthand that remote work can be a double-edged sword. However, when set up properly, remote work can be a major positive.

Join remote experts Nancy Sidnam, Director of Coach Experience at Noom, and Pam Dodrill, VP of Customer Success and Support at Zapier, as they discuss the future of remote work, keeping teams connected and engaged, and empowering humans in remote-first environments to be the best versions of themselves.

Nancy Sidnam, Dir. of Coach Experience at Noom  |  Pam Dodrill, VP of Customer Support & Success at Zapier

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